Is the rain over?

We have started to emerge from January and February, which can feel like an absolute eternity of rain and gray. But we are greeted at this end with high wind, sun and a serious drop in temperature. For the most part I prefer this, but it’s still an ongoing struggle easing out of winter. I base this partly off of how very lazy I have become and how few paintings I have even started let alone finished. But, at last on Saturday I finally got one on the go, and its a sunny colourful one (probably makes sense given what the weather was like for the last month and a half.

Sunset on a Tofino beach, I’m still not satisfied though. It feels too bright or something.

In my mind there is still a lot of work to be done on the painting but it feels like progress. Not to mention I did some sketches for new cards and started planning out a design schedule for the next year. So all in all, things are on the move again and I blame it on the sun.

These are, I admit, pretty basic but I can tell myself I did something even if I know deep down I need to get more creative with these. sometimes what I really need the simply the practice of drawing or creating something on a more regular basis to get my groove back. We shall see where this takes me.

Make sure to look out for new cards on the Etsy page!



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