**I’ve lived in a few cites, none of them quite like this. The beauty I’m surrounded by is only just enough to keep you from losing it in Vancouver. From crisp fall mornings to bleak winter fog, this city is truly unique. But some days, I just hate it.

Not to say other places don’t have problems, some things are just easier to live with, than say, unaffordable housing, or overpriced everything. If you live here you know what I mean, unless you have only ever lived here, in which case it probably seems normal.

As for me, I like to make stuff, talk to strangers (sometimes I seem like a crazy person), cooking, spending a little too much time on Pinterest, finally creating and listening to music. Every day I’m almost certain that I should have been born in a different decade, but then I realize this one is turning out to be an amalgamation of all the others.



**On another note… we left Vancouver and went back to the island.

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