Summer always seems to rush by, in spite of sleepy deadlines and a quiet office, it just disappears. We recently came back from our two week vacation (for the first time in over two years) and were thankfully not too bombarded by crazy at work. Even so, the first week back is rough.

You get used to living on a vacation timetable, and to getting up when you feel like it (even if it just as early as your alarm for work). Somehow its different though when that alarm goes and you have to get up. On Monday, I noticed just how slowly I am capable of getting ready, how I manage to find one more thing I should try to fit in before I catch my bus, just one more, one more, and before I know it I’m 30 minutes late. Luckily, ┬ámy work is OK with this and I can mostly decide when I want to come into work. But still.

Back to vacation, it was beautiful. We drove across the province and into Alberta, visiting family, friends and finally taking the last few days to enjoy the wine country of the Okanagan Valley. My family had always driven through BC in summer so knew the route to a certain point, driving it though, is a whole other thing. As someone who doesn’t drive much it was a good test.

Part of me is still in shock that there are only a couple weeks left until summer ends and things around the office get back to being busy as we prepare for the next big conference. But hey, savour it while it lasts.

Balfour Ferry
Alberta Driving
Frank Slide