Canada Post mishaps and new projects

Start a business they said, sell your art they said, ship your art they said… this case it’s more I said, but same thing right? 

So, recently I thought I would try to make my art more accessible in the hopes of selling more. Enter art cards! No just the hand drawn ones that I will happily make custom, but tiny versions of my paintings. In theory a great idea, and following a brief period of ads on social media I started to get significant traffic on my site and online store. And… Drumroll… one purchase! Hurray! I know it’s pretty small but I was still happy. Albeit rather caught off guard scrambling to get a bunch of cards printed and ready in the two day turnaround time I stipulate on my site. But it worked and they look great! On to the next obstacle, mailing them. Seeing as the person who bought the area was someone I knew I decided to get them there a little faster. Then things went downhill, these went out almost two weeks ago… with an est delivery of 2 days. I anxiously watched for tracking updates, things were going well and they were in the right province and might even arrive early. But then, radio silence. I called to see what was going on, logged a ticket and soon after got the update that they had been sent to Whitehorse by mistake. For reference, I was sending them to a town in south-central Alberta. So really not the right place. So I waited a few days and followed up, more tickets added to but no further ahead. As it’s stands two weeks later, it’s still sitting in Whitehorse. It’s a wait and see kind of situation, good thing this time I knew the buyer, hopefully this helps me iron out the kinks for the next person who buys something. Can’t move forward without some mishaps keeping you thinking and learning.