Cafe Myriade

I know that when I moved to Montreal I looked everywhere for a good coffee. It seemed to me that Starbucks and Second Cup were the only places, thankfully I was mistaken and I soon found a little piece of home and excellent coffee at Cafe Myriade in downtown’s core. Coming for the West Coast Myriade encompasses everything that is wonderful about good coffee and attention to detail. From the first time I discovered Myriade I was a fan, and I have since been sending everyone I meet to discover their coffee! They have something for everyone, excellent daily filter coffee, lattes, cappuccinos, a nice selection of teas, and for those who don’t drink coffee they make one of the best hot chocolates around! Myriade is also the only place in Montreal where you can find Syphon Coffee.

Although now it seems to be getting easier to find a good coffee in Montreal, Myriade still holds a special place for many, from the friendly employees to the music they play everything spells inviting. I almost always find myself discovering new music as well as rediscovering some music I had forgotten about.

Although it can be a little crowded in winter, during summer they open up the terrasse and this makes room for about double the amount that usually fits. For those visiting from outside Montreal, a “terrasse” is the colloquial term for a patio here. In keeping with their very West Coast feel, one of their main coffees is 49th Parallel, which is based out of Vancouver, although you will almost always find Ritual Roasters coffee. Other coffees vary depending on the time of year and what they choose to bring in.

Having lived and worked almost always within minutes of Myriade has been dangerous at times. I find myself going there almost every day. Whether its a craving or just enjoying a delicious lattee, this is where you’ll find me on my coffee break, before work, on the way to class, it is the perfect coffee. Maybe I identify with it for its west coast appeal, or that one of the owners once worked for an excellent coffee shop in Vancouver, either way Myriade stands out as being the best coffee shop in Montreal.

So here’s to coffee and a friendly atmosphere! Today I’m enjoying a cappuccino and looking at the sunshine!

You can find Cafe Myriade in downtown Montreal at 1432 Rue Mackay, and you can find them on the web via TwitterFacebook or their website.