Of Food trucks and new beginnings

After watching the movie “Chef”, my fiance has wanted a food truck. I can see why, that movie made me hungry, inspired, but mostly craving a cubano.  It did make me want a lineup causing busy like hell food truck, and a social media page full of delicious photos of the food we would make. I saw the movie described as food porn and I would have to agree, its right up there with Mostly Martha *, Chocolat and Eat Pray Love (I admit it… and the only part of the book I managed to read was Italy and only because of the food).

The thing about chef is, although it doesn’t look easy, the guy has the start-up cash and the backing to get this food truck going. He also has free “marketing” labour in the form of his son. So yes, they make it look doable and far less terrifying than the usual starting of a small business. That’s how they can look like this:


Happy, with a bustling business selling cubanos in the south. But travel back to 1996 Ireland, and you might remember The Van. Also about food trucks, but that one ends up being driven into the ocean to save a friendship.  There was definitely no sugar coating it there, they look like tired Irish people trying to make some money with with fish and chips. If you haven’t seen it, you might at least recognize a certain Star Trek character, the guy who came after Scotty. I digress, but I sometimes thing my own food truck would end up more like the one in The Van, than that of Chef, and it would be me driving the truck into the ocean. the_van

So, after the movie, I kept hearing about food trucks for a few weeks and then it kind of disappeared from discussion. Which brings us to today, as I find myself researching food trucks and licensing costs.

* Now, a quick rant. Mostly Martha is definitely a movie that always makes me hungry, and the story has me in a better mood by the time I finish watching it. However, dear America had to go and ruin the charm by creating No Reservations, which follows such a similar story it could hardly be coincidence. Why do they do this? Is it really so hard to read subtitles?